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Former Az Attorney General Grant Woods Howard Stern For The Age Of The Podcast

The site includes a weekly podcast of Grant Wood Show, blog of the former attorney general and his Compadres, and even some videos. We hear through the grapevine that Woods is about to launch a new website, www. Com part of your daily routine. But what we can see so far, it seems that Woods is the setting itself up to be the king of all media information for the area code 602. Grantwoods. It apparently still in preview - home page now includes a note of warning as to its unfinished quality and asking readers to let them know what they like and do not like so that we can continue to make GrantWoods. J D Hayworth, eat your heart!. Com. Add former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods to the list of old school media guys giving evidence.
30.1.09 13:15

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