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A Kinder Gentler Rosie

In NYC public schools, it not like when I was a child, in fifth grade, when we did the King and I, O Donnell said. I fell in love with Broadway, as my mother did before me. L art programs have been gutted. Rosie ODonnell box can have his blog, said he was not t the most fun, but not disappearing. Music, theater, musical, dance, that what saved me emotionally s. Created as a place where poor children could stop and take music lessons and dance. Broadway legends Chita Rivera and Sandy Duncan were among those who came to celebrate with the new center, along with actress Linda Dano. The structure is the name of one of Rosie inspiring teacher, Pat Maravel. Last night, the former TV host has opened the Center for Arts Maravel near New York theater district.
30.1.09 13:15

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